Dry Food Almond Walnut Peanut Cashew Nuts packing machine Pistachio Packing Machine

Group Packing line
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-09-07
Item specifics
ConstructionStainless steel 304
Brushed finishStainless steel 316
    Smart Weigh is working on designing and proceducing dry food nuts packing machine solution. This solution is flexible for all kinds of dry food bagging machine, such as nuts packing machine, almond packing machine, walnut packing machine, cashew nut packing machine, hazelnut packing machine, chesnut packing machine, pecan packing machine, pistachio nuts packing machine and etc.
Machine list
1. Z bucket elevator
2. 14 head multihead weigher
3. Vertical packing machine (quad-sealed bag packing machine in video)
4. Support platform
5. Output conveyor
6. Metal detector
Weighing range
10-2000 grams
Max speed
65 bags/min
±1.5 grams
Hopper Volume
Bag style
Pillow bag, gusset bag, quad-sealed bag
Bag size
Pillow bag: length 80-350 mm, width 60-300 mm;
Quad-sealed bag: length 100-350mm, front width 70-180 mm, 
side width 40-100mm, sealed width 5-10 mm.
Bag material
Laminated film or single layer film
Drive system
Multihead weigher: modular drive
Packing machine: PLC control
Control panel
7" touch screen
Air consumption
220V/50HZ or 60HZ, single phase, 5.95KW
Cashew nut
Pistachio nuts
Bag style

Wide and flat type linear feeding pan
This design of linear feeding pan is suitable nuts projects, it ensure fast feeding, good for speed.
Independentn discharge chute
One unit hopper work with 1 discharge chute, separate discharge chute could reduce the nuts dropping time, speed up machine. 
Good bag shaping
Accurate mechinical parts is good for bag shaping and speed.
Rotatable checkweigher touch screen
Rotatable touch screen is convenient for worker to monitor the bag weight.