Automatic Vegetable Salad Lettuce Packing Machine Salad Packing Machine

Group Packing line
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-09-16
Item specifics
ConstructionStainless steel 304
Brushed finishTeflon coated food contact part

Salad packing machine with dimple plate surface ,ensure vegetable/salad/lettuce fall smoothly and evenly.

Specially designed 60° falling chute, which can guarantee the fluency when vegetable/salad/lettuce falling.

Rotary type main vibration motor, which can ensure that the vegetable/salad/lettuce will be fed evenly to weigher, increase weighing accuracy.  

It is an automatic packing system that can be used for many kinds of vegetable/salad/lettuce, universal, low-cost and high-effective. 

Machine list

1. Incline Elevator

2. Large 14 Head Multihead Weigher (customized)

3. Vertical Packing Machine

4. Support Platform

5. Output Conveyor

6. Rotary Table

Weighing range
10-5000 grams
Max speed
90 bags/min
±3 grams
Hopper Volume
Bag style
Pillow bag, gusset bag
Bag size
Length 80-600 mm
Width 100-400 mm
Bag material
Laminated film
Drive system
Multihead weigher: modular drive
Packing machine: PLC control
Control panel
7" touch screen
220V/50HZ or 60HZ, single phase, 5.95KW
Bag style

Dimple plate material
Specially designed for sticky wet lettuce or salad.
Standard - Plain plate material
More suitable for dry products, like snacks. 
Rotary type main vibration pan
can help to feed the vegetable/salad/lettuce evenly
Standard - Vibrating type main vibration pan
More suitable for easy-flowing products