1-5kg Automatic Sugar Salt Rice Packing Machine Salt Packaging Machine

Group Packing line
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-09-10
Item specifics
ConstructionStainless steel 304
Brushed finishStainless steel 316
    Smart Weigh is working on designing and proceducing best multihead weigher packing machine for sugar, rice, salt and etc. This sugar packing machine is new developed, it is also fit for rice packing machine and salt packing machine. 
    Its easy operation is better than measure cup packing machine and volumetric packing machine. Change weight on touch screen, download the right parameters for different weight by 2 minutes. The speed is faster than cup measure packing machine when wehing 1-5kg weight.
    At the same time, new design rice multihead weigher / sugar multihead weigher / salt multihead weigher has solve the leaking problem, higher accuracy and save cost. 
Machine list
1. Z bucket elevator / incline elevator
2. 14 head multihead weigher (customize)
3. Vertical packing machine
4. Support platform
5. Output conveyor
6. Metal detector
Weighing range
1-5 kg
Max speed
65 bags/min
±3 grams
Hopper volume
Bag style
Pillow bag, gusset bag
Bag size
Length 160-400 mm
Width 130-350 mm
Bag material
Laminated film
Drive system
Multihead weigher: modular drive
Packing machine: PLC control
Control panel
7" touch screen
Air consumption
220V/50HZ or 60HZ, single phase, 5.95KW
Automatic sugar salt rice packing machine applies for small granule material weighing and packing .

Bag style

Multi-mouth top cone and "U" shape feeding pan
Customized top cone for small granule products, especially for sugar, rice and salt. Prevent the products go out when feeding.
Standard top cone and feeding pan
Standard top cone and feeding pan is not suitable for sugar, rice and salt. 
Anti-leak hopper
Ruggedized hopper avoids big weight products break through the hopper. This design reduces the hopper gap, no leaking problems.
Standard hopper
Products may break through the hopper and leak from hopper gap.