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French Fries Crisps Packing Machine Snack Chip Packaging Line Crisp Packaging Machine

Group Packing line
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-09-10
Item specifics
ConstructionStainless steel 304
Stainless steel 316Brushed finish
Main machine
Standard packing line
High speed packing line
10 head multihead weigher
Single servo vertical packing machine
14 head multihead weigher
Twin servo vertical packing machine
Weighing range
10-1000 grams
Max speed
65 bags/min
120 bags/min
±1.5 grams
Bag style
Pillow bag
Bag size
Length 80-300 mm
Width 60-250 mm
Bag material
Laminated film
Drive system
Multihead weigher: modular drive
Packing machine: PLC control
Control panel
7" touch screen
Air consumption
220V/50HZ or 60HZ, single phase, 5.95KW
This snack packaging line suits for all kinds of snack such as crisp ,popcorn ,nut,candy etc .
French Fries
Frozen French Fries
Corn flakes
Bag style

    Smart Weigh design and produce french fries packing machine and crips packing machine to meet different requirement. The french fries multihead weigher design will be different because some french fries are 15cm long, some are 6-7 cm long. 
    The same as crisps multihead weigher packing machine, we will recommend accurate model of multihead weigher and packing machine for different dimension's crisp. 

    Welcome to send us inquiry with your requirement and specification.