How to quickly replace multihead wegiher's hopper

From: Smartweigh
Time: 2020-09-03
Summary: How to replace multihead weigher hopper is vital ,here we have some tips for you .
Multihead wegiher's hopper replacement tips

First step is to make sure all the hopper and hopper hanging pieces are removed in the correct way.Too much pressure on sensor is not allowed to prevent damaging.

After remove all the hoppers, then install new hoppers,and all the hopper and the hanging pieces are matched.
Mind the balance of the hopper during the installation of the hopper, which can be adjusted according to the installation position of the hopper.Make sure the screws on both sides of the hopper won't touch the aluminum box.
Make sure to install weigh hoppers correctly or it will influence following weighing.When install weigh hoppers' hanging pieces, hold the hanging piece with the hand to protect sensor from big pression . 
After installing all hoppers , be sure the position of each hopper:the distance of the linear feeder pans and the feed hoppers(middle);distance of feed hoppers and weigh hoppers(left), distance of weigh hoppers and discharge chute(right).

Open manual page and click"Run Cycle" so all hoppers run continuously to observe whether all the hopper has a collision problem.
If all installation is correct, the next step is to make the calibration of weigh hopper. After all calibration completed,then press “Zero” on the running page, turn to the manual page to check the sensor, check all weigh hopper again with weight.
Running multihead weigher if all sensors are normal.

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