Various new packing lines installation

Various new packing lines installation


We are busy with the mass production packing line for customers from all over the world .Recent project we completed includes tray packing line ,vertical packaging line for spices,pickle vegetable filling into bottle etc.

New packaging lines we install 
Automatic vertical packing machine line install for Argentina customer  

It suits for all kinds spices granule and powder weighing and packing .Product will be delivered by automatic conveyor,after weighing,packing machine sealing one bag .
Speed for this packing line is about 25-35 bags/min.

Machine list:
Bucket conveyor
4 head linear weigher
Supporting platform
vertical form fill seal packing machine
Output conveyor
Turn table
Ready meal filling line for Czech customer

This packaging line provides a high efficient integrated solution for cooked food industry ,and making different meals combining in a single tray by automatic machine is not a challenge.
Machine list:
Incline conveyor
Index conveyor
14 head weigher
10 head linear combine weigher
Tray denester
Supporting platform
Pickle bottle filling line for Korea customer

Pickle packing is well-known and prevail in Korea.
Reduce operating costs and offer fast payback are some premium feedback from our Korean customer after installing our bottle filling line .
Machine list:
16 head linear combine weigher
Bottle feeding machine
Capping sealing machine 
Support platform
Bottle washing machine