Potato Chips Crisp French Fries Snacks Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

Time: 2020-03-06
Summary: Smart Weigh provides you standard speed, high-speed snack chips packing machine
Chips Snack French Fries Packing Machine Line
Main Machine List
SW-M10 10 head weigher
SW-P420 standard VFFS
SW-M14 14 head weigher
SW-P420 twin servo VFFS
SW-M24 24 head weigher
SW-P420 four servo VFFS
<100 grams
<100 grams
<60 grams
30-45 bags/min
65-80 bags/min
110-120 bags/min
Bag Style
Pillow bag
    This packing system is suitable for automatic potato chips packing machine project, crisp packaging machine project, banana chips packing machine project, french fries packing machine project and etc. 

    The multihead weigher is controlled by modular system - the weigher is controlled by mother board and driving board, one driving board control one hopper unit, so its  data handling capacity is stronger than traditional PLC and easy to maintain. If one drive board broken, forbid the broken hopper on touch screen, the weigher can work continually. When production finished, exchange the new drive board. The drive boards are commonly used among Smart Weigh weigher model.

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